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Yoga Classes 7 Days a Week


-Intro Offer: 10 Consecutive Days for $10

- Drop In Class: $17

- One Year Yoga Membership: $80/unlimited monthly classes (autodraft)

First month is only $40!

- One Year Yoga Membership (Student, Senior 65+ and Military): $70/Month (autodraft)

First month is only $40!

- One Month Unlimited Classes (no auto-draft): $90/Month

- 5 Class Pass: $75

- 10 Class Pass: $140

- 15 Class Pass: $195

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Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes slowly move through a series of floor based and standing poses, with time to focus on the breath and sensation. Gentle Yoga is great for beginners, those with limited mobility, or anyone who needs a softer approach to their yoga practice.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga uses a sequence of poses in conjunction with the breath to achieve a continuous flow throughout the practice. Vinyasa Yoga is excellent for cardiovascular and lymphatic system health due to the light aerobic nature of the movements.


Heated Vinyasa

Heated Vinyasa is a dynamic flow class in which the poses are connected smoothly and coordinate with the breath, just as in the non-heated Vinyasa Yoga class. The room will be heated to 85-90 degrees in order to warm the muscles, generate sweat, and increase circulation.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a full body workout that combines yoga poses with strength training using optional hand weights. This is a high intensity class that builds muscle, improves balance and cardiovascular health, and increases mobility.


Deep Stretch Yin

Yin Yoga works deeply into our bodies with passive, longer held floor poses. It targets our connective tissues-ligaments, tendons, and the deep fascia networks of the body. Yin improves joint mobility, increases overall flexibility, and reduces stress and anxiety. Room will be warm (75 degrees) in order to loosen the muscles and promote the release of deep tissues.


Yin- Yasa

Yin Yasa is the best of both yoga worlds! In Yin-Yasa we combine the style of Yin Yoga (deep, passive, calming holds) with Vinyasa Yoga (warming and dynamic movements). Explore the balance between effort and ease in this class.


Mindful Yoga

Our Mindful Yoga class is slower paced, allowing time for the student to focus on sensation, breath, and proper alignment. This class will offer attention to detail in each pose, as well as more personalized instruction in a group setting. Mindful Yoga is an excellent class for beginners, as well as anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of fundamental yoga.


Stretch and Strengthen

Stretch and Strengthen is the perfect class for those interested in more of a yoga workout! This class moves at a steady pace, with time allotted for warm up and cool down. In Stretch and Strengthen, students will focus on building muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as flexibility.


Rise and Breathe

Donation based 30 minute breathwork practice with Adele Young. Every Tuesday at 7:30 AM.

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