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"Love this class!  Adele is great.  The movements are helpful with mobility, offer strength training, but also gentle enough for everyone to attend!"

-Emily H.

"It was my first time doing yoga and I thouroughly enjoyed it.  The instructor Adele and other members were so welcoming and inviting."

-Paisley I.

"Emily's sound therapy is the best!  It helps to calm you and is an almost euphoric experience every time.  I love this class.

-Charleigh A.

"Jessica is a complete teacher.  She challenges you and brings meaning to the practice.  Highly recommend her classes."

-Bekki S.

"Excellent Heated Vinyasa.  Really enjoy Chelsea's yoga practice instructions."

-Debra W.

"I really enjoyed this class with Melanie.  I recently started going back to the gym and it helps me stretch and continue to become more limber."

-Gabriella K.

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